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Hurting? Stressed? Injured? Losing Sleep? 

Yogi Keneen DC Chiropractic

Guided by muscle testing wisdom, my gentle, unique  Durango Chiropractic & Yoga  approach will help solve your pain and health problems.

You save time and money, and your Chiropractic adjustments last longer enhanced by gentle therapeutic yoga and innovative rehab exercises. Please see the Chiropractic page for additional information.

Call or contact me today for your free 15  minute consultation at 303-513-8055 or via email at: Office location is in The Self Heal Center 635 E. 5th Ave, Durango, Co. 81301

As an Anusara-Inspired Yoga teacher in Durango, Colorado,  I offer yoga and therapeutic rehabilitative techniques to help you:

  • not only solve your pain, stress and sleep challenges but also
  • begin your practice,
  • deepen your yoga practice, and
  • teach you to help rehabilitate your own spine and injuries.

Classes are heart-oriented, life- affirming, safe, and alignment based. They are designed to help you awaken to the deeper gifts of classical yoga and to help you embody these gifts off the mat and into your personal life. Please see the Yoga page for additional information.

UPCOMING CLASS: For Women Only: Do It Yourself Solutions For Back Pain, Stress, Fatigue And Sleep Loss

Womens workshop final

Women’s bodies require unique techniques to heal. Women face challenges that compromise health, emotions, sleep, libido, work and relationships. We cannot fully heal with unresolved stress, trauma or PTSD issues. You will learn unique healing techniques that have helped women solve health challenges saving both time and money. Through these techniques I avoided a prescribed hip surgery,and began to thrive even after the sudden loss of my husband 8 years ago. Join me if you are ready to solve pain, stress and sleep challenges and be proactive at home with easy to learn techniques that include gentle therapeutic yoga, posture work, breathing techniques, meditation, mindful movement,inquiry and journaling.

Click here to register today! Class size limited.


Yogi Keneen DC

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