Durango Chiropractic & Healthy Yoga

How can  Durango advanced chiropractic and yoga therapy solve your your health challenge, pain or injury?

I would love to offer you what I have learned personally through my own recovery from a car accident and from health and stress challenges following my husband’s abrupt death.

Yogi Keneen DC Chiropractic

Guided by muscle testing wisdom, this gentle, unique and out of the box Durango chiropractic  approach brings clarity and healing to physical, emotional, and trauma related pain patterns.

When we add gentle, therapeutic yoga and innovative rehab exercises, the Chiropractic adjustments are much more effective and sustainable. You save time and money. Please see the Chiropractic page for additional information.

Call or contact me today for your free 15  minute consultation at 303-513-8055 or via email at: keneen@durango.net. Office location Mayer building,  679 E. 2nd Ave. Ste E-1, # 7, Durango,

As an Anusara-Inspired Yoga teacher in Durango, Colorado,  I offer yoga and therapeutic rehabilitative techniques to help you:

  • begin your practice,
  • deepen your yoga practice, and
  • teach you to help rehabilitate your own spine and injuries.

Classes are heart-oriented, life- affirming, safe, and alignment based. Classes are designed to help you awaken to the deeper gifts of classical yoga and to help you embody these gifts off the mat and into your personal life. Please see the Yoga page for additional information.


Yogi Keneen DC

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